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Helpful Information for Parents, Patients, Partners, and Providers

Helpful Information for Parents, Patients, Partners, and Providers

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Mental Health

Cancer can be every bit as taxing on your mind and soul as it is on your body. It’s not just a physical struggle; it’s a mental one as well. You need to focus on your overall wellness, which includes both your body and spirit. Remember that cancer cases unique: no two are ever exactly alike. No one will have an experience identical to yours. Prayer will help some work their way through this, while mediation may work better for others. There’s no one right answer as to how to make it through this ordeal. Many hospitals have social workers on your care team who can assist you with finding the right resources to help you cope. Maybe join a local cancer support group to share your experience and see how others are coping, or an online social media group that does the same thing? Everyone needs to find his or her own path through this. Having said that, below I have listed a series of links to articles written by other cancer survivors that you might find helpful.

Caregivers play an important role too!
The struggle is not just for the patient, because spouses, family, and other caregivers are also along for the journey. They will often face significant challenges as well, as a person who was previously warm and friendly can be transformed by the disease into someone who is withdrawn, moody, and easily irritated. Caregivers need to find a way to sustain themselves and keep their spirits up, or they won’t be able to help the patient. There are support groups for caregivers as well, so seek one out if you are struggling in this role.


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